Girls Love Delinquent

Yup, thats right. We've Discovered what girls least we think.

   The Girls Love collection was inspired by what women love. The design style is Delinquent USA's variation of a bootleg tee with some of the most influential on the threads. 

Only instead of following the trend of one face, we got them all.

If your worried that its one garment with only one design, think again. When creating each face. It was made just to stand alone as well as together.

We've also added a unique feature by adding an embroide 

Each face well be it's on separate shirt that will be discounted if you mix and match when the order goes live. 

Lastly, welcome to the Delinquent USA blog. In a world where everything is video, I've always thought to be different. I mean, it is the  Delinquent Way. Be sure to share our entries because they'll come with surprises and plenty of detail of why we do the things delinquent things we do. 

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