The Truckers are back in town.

The Truckers are back in town.

Same Feeling. New Hat

For minute we've for the most part.. stop making truckers. 

but you know. I was thinking about yall the other day.

The trucker hats are kinda how we got into rotation. The first thing yall copped and started styling in a memorable way.  Our logo was an eye sore and it really worked because everything was simple with color.  

But then you know.. style changes and things get played out....or so I thought. 

looking at the pictures, we had something that was affordable fly and conventional. 

So with you in mind I thought...maybe that not true. Lets make it with the new logo.

Sometimes we can get caught up with tryna up quality, that we forget what works. 

Now the hardest part... With a circle or without a circle?

Comment circle or no circle

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